My name is Tatiana.

Like most modern women, I grew up surrounded by contradictions about what being a woman means.

Boys were allowed to be funny and different, and girls were supposed to laugh at the boys jokes and admire their wittiness, their strength, and their prowess.

I didn’t want to be the girl that sat on the sidelines and admired the boys.

I wanted to be remembered for my jokes, for my clever words, for my unique and individual choices, and not for my smile, my thick hair, or my big, dark eyes. 

I wanted to be strong and independent; something there was no space for in all the beauty standards, and behavioral etiquette.

I did not want to be a defenseless victim, yet I was not sure how to leave that behind while remaining feminine, soft, and attractive.

Eventually, I learned how to be entertaining, everyone's favorite girl. 

I became addicted to recognition, attaching my self-worth to the amount of attention I got.

My sex life started with abuse. An abuse I couldn’t even admit to myself, because it was my boyfriend.

Instead, I took on the shame and responsibility, which I carried around with me for years.

This burden of denied emotions turned me into an extremely anxious being.

I tried healing myself with all the possible tools of different approaches to body work.

Shamanic journeys, aquatic sessions, tantric massages, bondage… You name it, I tried it.

And yet, it was not until I discovered hypnotherapy that I could truly free myself and start healing.

My personal hypnotherapy treatment enabled me to gain consciousness of my past traumas and patterns, but more than that, it helped me to integrate myself.

Practice not being afraid of my demons, accepting the darkness inside me and to embracing it, so that it could dissolve into the light.

It allowed me to turn my limiting beliefs into positive confirmations, transforming all the unexpressed emotions trapped in my body; emotions that had been manifesting themselves as anxiety, stress, depression, and low self-esteem, into a limitless source of creativity, inspiration, sexual energy and life force.

This wonderful method has truly helped me to accept myself and my inner femininity, allowing it to bloom and blossom with creativity and pure joy of life.

The same femininity I spent years trying to banish, because I was afraid of losing control.

And now, as a trained hypnotherapist, I can fulfill my biggest dream of helping other women to recognize, accept, and love themselves, so that they can finally start to heal.

It is said that a dream one dreams alone is just a dream, but a dream we dream together can be a revolution.

I dream of you joining me on the path of creating new paradigms of self-compassion, love, and trust. 


"I needed a therapist who could accompany and guide me through very rough trauma healing. Tatiana came along just at the right moment and helped me to open up to myself, structure this chaos in my head, and look at very old patterns from a different perspective.

She is a naturally talented healer and supporter and a smart and attentive communicator. She notices details that I can’t see myself and gently directs me towards my goals. I feel comfortable and safe during our sessions and it’s hard to imagine another person to replace Tatiana.
After 6 months of therapy, I can see amazing results and a lot to come. Hypnotherapy is the best option to heal traumas and change your old unhealthy ways for a better and more fruitful life.

Tatiana is also experienced in many other alternative therapy methods, which she also has tried herself. My recommendation is to plan for long-term therapy, as your mind will be adjusting gradually and the results will be much better and stable."


"My name is Maximiliano, I am from Argentina and I would like to share something about my own experience with hypnotherapy.

First, it was very gratifying to dedicate that time which, although short, was very enriching. Being able to travel to past memories, and finding the roots of all the issues from a very safe and accompanied place is the key to healing from traumatic experiences.
My work with Tatiana gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and open myself to the possibility of continuing to expand with a fantastic technique.

I believe it is a healing meditation!"


"Thank you so much, Tati for the professional guidance and support in my journey! This is the first time when I'm trying hypnotherapy and compared to all therapies that I've gone through in my life, this one is the one I was seeking for my whole life!

I love how Tati is guiding me back to my memories and traumatic events in the session and holding a safe and loving space for me to reprocess my events and refill my subconscious with self-loving experiences.

I've learned so much about myself, my needs, and my reactions in just a few months. And I really feel the change in my traumatic reactions. The way she helps me to navigate through my parts brings a profound outcome. I'm not suffering anymore. I feel the change in my reactions to my own emotional states and not adding more suffering with the control and judgment.
Everything that I ever knew, in theory, I now can feel in practice and transformation experience.
Even though you are the one who is doing the inner work, it is an intense and hard experience. But it is so important to have a compassionate professional and the right person to help you go through the challenging memories and re-experience them lovingly. Otherwise, you can't do it on your own.
I see my therapist as the right and safe person for that.
Thank you so so much for this work, energy, and knowledge. Also for this skill to hold the space and navigate, you have an excellent intuition for guiding.
I recommend Tati to everyone who feels committed to doing the inner work, and transformation, and also facing themselves.
The healing can become real.
I also recommend her as an integration therapist.
With big respect thank you so much 🙏♥️♥️♥️"


"In Tatiana’s hypnotherapy, it has been really easy and natural to share and delve into challenging things. Each time has been liberating and empowering.

I like Tatianas’s calm and accepting presence. She also knows how to work with the most essential. Every session leads me on a journey into previously unexplored areas within me.
Tatiana is one of the few with whom I can cry and bring difficult things to the surface. I think this is because she has worked with herself and is familiar with her own “monsters”. In our session, I’ve felt truly cared for, heard, and accepted.
Thank you so much!"


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