Marayan Beyond DAHP

- Accredited Analytical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
- 6 years experience in Personal & Spiritual development and growth
- Certified Yoga & meditation Teacher
- 3 years experience in facilitating plant medicine journeys

- Creating clarity, vision & awareness
- Connecting with the simplicity in life and healing
- Removing the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the past
- Embodiment of your future, most ideal, self
- Elevating from survival mindset into Celebration mindset

Life can be about soooo much more than “just surviving” but it needs to start with getting yourself ready to actively step into “CELEBRATION MODE”.

Are you ready for that step?

My “Celebrate Life Program” is an exclusive program for those;

- Who are on a spiritual journey and want to elevate out of survival mindset into celebration mindset where life starts to work for you instead of against you, by resolving the root cause of the limiting belief so there will be a permanent and natural change in the present moment.

- Who are done with living an OK, average life, and want to live their dream life.

- Who want to feel excited about the unknown future instead of scared, and to breathe every breath from a space of trust, love and connection.

- Who want to connect with their unconscious mind to discover the deepest layers of their being in order to reach the highest potential of their being.

We work together on the following phases:​⁣

PHASE 1: Clarity & Vision

⁣This phase is all about awareness and simplicity.
During this phase we are going to make some things about you and your life crystal clear:
Where and what I want my life to be and why do I actually want that?
How is my current situation? What patterns and triggers do I have?
What is holding me back, standing in my way or stopping me from reaching my ideal future?

We are going to make the “roadmap” towards your ideal future so clear that you “just have to walk it” so that monkey mind of yours, your rational mind, can just relax and surrender to the process.

PHASE 2: Removing the Friction to Your Success

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT! This is where the real inner-journey starts. With the real, long-lasting transformation, Which is Very Exciting!

During our weekly sessions, We’re going to connect your conscious mind with your UNconscious mind, because it is the unconscious mind that makes you think what you think, feel what you feel and see what you see.

The conscious mind is convinced it is driving the car, but it’s actually fully up to your unconscious mind where the car goes.

In that unconscious mind, your operating system, we’re going to find all those moments of impact in your life where you started to believe something about yourself or the world, and based on that your unconscious mind is driving you through your life confirming those limiting beliefs.

Aligning those moments of impact with the emotion and the physical symptom in your body, the limiting belief attached to it will release and create a permanent and natural change in the present moment.

This is how we remove the friction towards your success.
This is how you become the best version of YOU that effortlessly celebrates life!

PHASE 3: Embodying your Ideal Future Self

Once we release a limiting belief we can immediately replace that for a positive, uplifting belief that serves you! Creating new neural pathways in the brain.

And we keep those new connections alive by revisiting them. Repetition is key to success.

This is a very powerful and rewarding phase because here is where you’re going to pick all the sweet fruits of your work.
Through journaling, guided recording sessions, embodiment exercises and many other useful and practical tools you can put those new beliefs into practice!

PHASE 4: Mastery, Become a Energy Alchemist

Of Course you’ll see results over the whole period - but this phase is where things get realllly tang⁣able because here you will see huge results of all the work you have been doing!

You start to become a master in alchemising your energy, turning anything that comes to you into GOLD!

You will have a clear sense of when you’re in survival mode or in celebration mode. The game changer is that by the end of this program you will realise that even in survival mode you can take actions out of Celebration, and firing actions into the world with celebration energy will consequently reward you with experiences filled with the same energy! Make sense?

⁣In the program we will shift back and forward through the 4 phases.
Like a whirlpool we’ll spiral deeper and deeper, and even deeper.

Marayan Beyond

Your Therapist beyond survival


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