Hello!  My name is Lucie Grzelak. I help women over 40 who have been struggling with their weight, perhaps all of their lives, or since reaching peri-menopause. I work with them to release any past traumas that could be impacting their ability to manage a healthy weight.

Four years ago, I took early retirement and embarked on a new journey that led me to self-discovery, letting go of limiting beliefs, and releasing pain caused by childhood traumas. I didn’t realize how much this deep pain, I had carried with me since childhood, had negatively affected me in every aspect of my life.

This healing, and new self-awareness, changed my life forever. I learned to accept and forgive myself for not being perfect. I was able to reconcile with the fact that what happened to me was not my fault, and I finally let go of the guilt I shouldn’t have felt in the first place. Relationships that had been challenging with no chance of improving have begun to turn around.

As a result, I gained self-confidence I didn’t know I possessed. And most of all, I learned to appreciate myself more by acknowledging that I matter. I always did, and always will!!

In view of these new mindsets and improved confidence, I knew that there had to be others who could benefit from hypnotherapy as I had. Upon reflecting on who I wanted to help and how I wanted to make an impact, I realized that one of the most common problems that my friends and past clients have had were related to their weight.

I noticed that women, especially those over 40, seem to be the most affected by the weight gain that nothing seems to help stop, let alone reduce. As a result, a decline in self-esteem, revolting self-image, sadness, anger, and despair ensue. Particularly, the one I found to be the most significant is self-sabotage.

Since I was able to change my life through hypnotherapy, I strongly believe that this could be true for you also.

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to take your life back, then let’s have a chat by booking an appointment on my calendar.

Lucie xoxo


"The sessions I have had with Lucie have been wonderful. Her knowledge of the process and many numerous techniques have allowed me to clear many emotions that are no longer serving me. She is extremely professional, empathetic and seems to be able to easily determine what emotion(s) should be explored further. She is extremely gentle in her approach, yet very effective. Lucie can easily adapt to any changes which come up in my sessions. I am so very grateful for Lucie and would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to improve their life."

Shelley B.

Ontario, Canada

"Lucie was recommended to me by a friend, and our first meeting was to get to know each other to make sure we were a good fit. Although English is not my first language, the therapy sessions were as successful as they could have been in my mother tongue. When I struggled with some words or expressions, Lucie was very patient and helpful. Lucie has warm motherly energy, or she could be like your favorite teacher from middle school. It felt easy to open up to her, and she celebrated my every win with me. I always had a feeling Lucie remembered everything that I had previously shared with her, and I didn’t have to repeat myself. Before ending each session, she made sure I was good and ready to end it. Also, she is very punctual to agreed meeting times. I would be happy to recommend Lucie to all of my friends and would definitely use her services again if needed."



"Thank you note to Lucie Grzelak.
This year, for the first time in my life, I had to go through a hypno-therapy course.
I did it because I couldn´t get out of a long term stress, which started to affect my health.
My daughter convinced me to try.
So, I started very reluctantly. I thought that it wouldn´t help and it´s not for me.
Also, I thought that I (grew up in Soviet Union) and Lucie (Canadian) are from such a different cultural and social stratums, that it would be impossible for her to understand my feelings and why I had such stress. My tremendous guilt, which torched me so badly, didn´t have any rational basis. I didn’t regret that I didn´t do something. In fact I did everything for my mom as a very good daughter. The only thing which I didn´t do, I didn´t understand my mom and all the time tried to change her so, that she would feel better. But my mom needed only to be understood, as all of us do.
But I was wrong about the therapy and about Lucie. We started slowly, but still, the sessions were very painful for me. I thought my health was getting even worse after such an intensive stress, when, instead of trying to forget everything, I was forced to remember it as it happened yesterday. But our regular “exercises” somehow worked right way.
I can´t really explain it, maybe eventually, I started to feel that I should have been done with my crying and should go on with my life. It´s still painful and I still cry, but not every day and not every hour, as it used to be.
With Lucie I did my first meditation with deep relaxation. I never did it before and it was not easy, but every time I managed to relax deeper and deeper, it felt wonderful.
I also managed to control my crying attacks somehow. Well, I still can´t stop it but I can make them shorter.
Lucie instructed me how to feel during my meditation-relaxation, how to feel my body and how to control my energy. I appreciate my new skill as a big gift.
Lucie was very understanding and tactful. She didn´t push but just let me feel my feelings and got over with that tragedy.
All in all, the difference between us turned out not to be so big, we understood each other. People´s feelings all over the world are more or less the same.
Thank you very much Lucie!
I recommend anyone to use Lucie´s therapy skills."


Helsinki, Finland

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