Amanda Pehlke

Is your life a Failure to launch???

Ever feel like you are a rocket all set and prepared to launch the best mission of your life…and then fail…over and over again? This was me!!! I have always been an overachiever feeling as if I had to prove to someone that I was worthy. I was very competitive with sports and if someone told me “I would not be successful”, I would kill myself just to prove them wrong.

I would dive in and apply myself 110% and often get just within reach of a goal…and then I would fail or lose motivation because some obstacle got in my way. I would then start over and while I eventually achieved many goals, EVERYTHING required so much effort. I just didn’t understand why things were always so difficult for ME.

2017 marked the beginning of some major life challenges. Over the next few years, I lived through 5 major wildfires, nearly lost my family home and was forced to leave under emergency evacuations. Our beloved hometown was torn up with violent protests, and then Covid 19 arrived.

We lived under lockdown and my kids were forced to attend school on zoom. I watched as their personalities changed. One became withdrawn while the other developed extreme anxiety and severe panic attacks. We also lost several dear family members and friends during this time. My resilience was quickly fading and I found myself feeling anxious, sad, and with no motivation to look to the future or even dream.

Through my 30 years in emergency service, I’ve had 100’s of hours of training in helping others with mental disorders, addictions, PTSD, anxiety, and was a trained hostage negotiator. I was also taught that if I meditated, exercised and ate healthy that my mind would remain strong and healthy. I actively practiced all of those but they were not enough.

So, I dug deeper…did more research…practiced self-hypnosis and even saw a therapist with my child. It was not enough!!! I felt life slipping through my fingers. I was not fully present for my family and was just getting through each day. I was unhappy and depressed.

It felt as if the exercise, healthy diet and meditation was all just a band aid providing temporary relief until the next thing triggered all the emotions again. In other words, I felt much like that rocket unable to launch forward in my life. That is, until an opportunity fell into my lap that would change the trajectory of my life.

What began as a way for me to earn money from home (online business coaching) quickly turned into an eye-opening experience that gave me a glimpse of another side of life.

My mentor kept talking about the power of hypnotherapy and how we could ‘reprogram our brains’. She said we could change the way we think, feel and behave and have a profound change in our lives.

Initially, I blew off the notion because I had already tried everything and knew there was nothing that could permanently remove the traumas I had experienced. But when you reach rock bottom and feel you have nothing more to lose…. what the hell!! So, I gave it a try and after my initial appointment I thought to myself “boy, that was relaxing but not going to fix my problems”.

This approach was drastically different from anything I’ve ever experienced or had been taught. It gave me the ability to let go of all that trauma, regain control in my life and most importantly, for the first time in a very long time, I was happy. I discovered that it is possible to uncover and resolve many layers of past emotional traumas, even ones that are decades old!

The effects I’ve personally experienced with hypnotherapy were so profound that I have turned it into my passion and profession. I am now a certified professional analytical hypnotherapist and enjoy introducing others to their vast potential and ability to change their lives.

Nothing makes me happier than helping others to shed the traumas that are keeping them stuck and struggling and to flow into a life they only thought was possible in their dreams. 

So if you find yourself struggling to get up in the morning, if you find that unhappy is your normal state of being, or if anxiety and depression is something you are struggling with, I want to let you know that there is a way out that does not include a lifetime of medication.

If that sounds good, use the button below to jump on my calendar for a free consultation. 


"I have known Amanda for over a year now and when I was introduced to the opportunity to be one of her case studies for her hypnotherapy certification I jumped at the chance!

Initially, I thought hypnotherapy was a wee bit “out there” and I was skeptical of the process, but as I knew Amanda, I put my full trust in her and trusted the process.

As an Art Healer building my own business, I was in my head about my success or limiting beliefs about the value in which I could bring to others within my own practice. I love the arts, and I have the education and background to provide art healing to those in need, however I did not believe in myself.

Working with Amanda through hypnotherapy and meditation has changed all of that. I am now no longer in my head and know I do have it within me to not only build a successful Art Healing practice, but to be able to impact so many others in a positive way, which is super exciting!

My hypnotherapy sessions, have also influenced other areas in my life, including one or two family members where our relationship was labored. Through hypnotherapy, I was able to let go of “control” of my reactions to various people and experiences and while my family members have not changed, my reaction to them has. The result of this has been life-changing!

My once strained relationships are now so much more enjoyable. I am now able to feel joy and purpose within those relationships and I am confident to say, without Amanda’s help and trust I would still be overwhelmed and frustrated.

I strongly recommend working with Amanda and being open to the process of hypnotherapy. What is the worst that could happen? You could be happier and free of whatever may be holding you back in your life and transform your heart to a much greater joy and fulfillment."

Amanda Stark

"Originally, I reached out to Amanda because something inside was just not at ease and weighed heavy on my shoulders.

I’ve read the self-help books, do yoga, live outside working with animals, journal, and have created a successful business. Though despite, my lifestyle and outward appearance, I still had a yearning for help, for a guide.

Cognitively, I understood the process of healing and what I should be doing and thinking to break patterns. Though, alone, I couldn’t consciously integrate what I was reading to make a real change within myself, and that it was keeping me from creating the life I so deeply crave. What I was seeking, was a deeper, integrative way to address my self-made barriers and heal my emotional wounds that were holding me back.

Up until working with Amanda, I never actually had taken any sort of therapy. Mostly because, “how could I trust the practitioner, and allow myself to be vulnerable around a person that I don’t know?” After a couple sessions, I trusted Amanda - she has a calm, supportive demeanor, a soothing voice, with a kind and sympathetic smile.

Hypnotherapy was also new. I genuinely believed that I would not let my guard down enough to be influenced and led into a hypnotic state.
After the first session, I was in disbelief that she had, successfully guided me into a deep meditative state; memories that were deeply buried into my subconscious surfaced from my childhood. I had overwhelming emotional reactions to these memories, that have not seen the light in decades.

Through Amanda’s guidance I was able to address, heal, and paint a vivid picture of how the future feels and looks. One of the most interesting parts of this experience, is that while being in this space, it feels incredibly real; as if you are creating new memories. At last, I felt I had finally experienced what all the books had been talking about, “healing trauma.” I had never known how to get there on my own, and Amanda guided me there.

Now, I am cognizant that the culprit of my self-limiting belief systems are these memories and experiences that are buried deep in the subconscious. Amanda also gave me tools and coping techniques to help ground me, in my day-to-day life which have been extremely helpful when I do feel overwhelmed. I have big dreams, and Amanda is helping me do the inner work to have the clarity to achieve them. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone that is ready to do the work and looking to take their life and healing to the next level."

Katie Erpel

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